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29 September 2004 - 10:22 AM


The weather station at USNA doesn't record precipitation, so I don't know what the most local reports would have been but BWI Airport reported a total rainfall yesterday of 1.38 inches; Andrews AFB reported .88 inches. Somehow those seem low. I know parts of Virginia got more rain that we did (Reagan National Airport reports 2.46 inches of rain yesterday, I heard on the radio that there was 12 inches in parts of central Virginia). But it's hard for me to believe that it rained as heavily as it did as long as it did and the total was less than an inch-and-a-half.

That, and it's not every rainy day that I drive home and leave a wake. In places the roads were significantly flooded. I'd not have been so worried had I been driving Buttercup (larger vehicle, higher ground clearance, etc.) but I was driving the Tercel. On the other hand, it never pays to underestimate the power of tough and stubborn, and the Tercel is coming to remind me more and more of a Shetland pony.

Still, it only took me an extra hour yesterday to get home, (left work at 4:30, got home at 7) and I avoided any accidents, so I am grateful for that. The Viking had a good first day at his new job and brought home Chinese for dinner, so that was good too.

Painting class tonight. I'm taking a course in illumination and raised gold leaf from the same woman I took glair & tempera from last spring. I'm hoping to be able to start gilding tonight, but preparing a page for gilding is a different process than preparing a panel.

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