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24 September 2004 - 3:56 PM

Convenience Golf?

I've been taking another variation on the back route home lately, and this version carries me past a squat brick building with a small asphalt parking area. The building and its car park occupy less than an acre and are surrounded on the remaining three sides by dense woods. The entire arrangement is entirely unremarkable except for the sign on the front of the building. It reads:


The last line is the obvious joke. But the whole sign is a wonder, isn't it?

Beer seven days a week, but what about the subs, mini-golf, and ice cream? Are they on a more limited schedule?

Subs, check. Ice cream, check. Beer, check. All foodstuffs, all need refrigeration. None are out of place at a roadside convenience store. But mini-golf?

And where is the mini-golf? I confess I haven't stopped to inquire, but it is difficult to imagine there being sufficient space in the building for even a few holes of mini-golf, and there certainly isn't a course outside. Do they play in the parking lot, using the potholes?

The mind boggles.

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