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13 September 2004 - 11:49 AM

The Usual

Props to Tully for providing more on mediaeval woolly jumpers. With one of those and a gauzy skirt, you'll be just a vision of authenticity, won't you?

The Viking and I trucked down to Masters of Defence on Saturday. Aside from gawd-awful traffic on southbound 301 between Waldorf and La Plata, we had a good time. The Viking spent the day in the tournament and felt pretty good about how he'd done. I spent most of the day involved in plots and plans for Thegns and Thralls and for the upcoming Lochmere event in January. I can report that neither the food nor the tourney prizes at Thegns and Thralls will suck. Once details are a little more finalised, I will share.

The Viking is still job-hunting. He had an interview last week, but hasn't gotten a call-back yet, which is making him anxious. I am confident that he will get a job soon, but he does not like being unemployed, not one bit, and the longer he's unemployed, the unhappier he gets.

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