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07 September 2004 - 12:00 PM


We moved furniture this weekend. We moved it out of my grandmother's apartment into my house and my sister's house; we moved it out of my sister's house into my house; this afternoon, we will move items out of the apartment into Maman's house and other items out of Maman's house into my sister's. This leaves aside the movement of furniture around each house so as to absorb the incoming pieces more comfortably. Fortunately, I am not responsible for moving furniture out of the apartment to the Avuncular One's house. Even more fortunately, the Viking is not responsible for such movement of furniture.

It seems like we just did this. Oh wait, that would be because we did just do this.

It looks like someone is trying to open an antiques shop in my kitchen.

What on earth was Grandmaman doing with a dozen molds for coeur à la crème? Individual sized molds, but still.

How is it that I now have two sideboards and a china cabinet and still not enough storage space amongst them to get the set of Lenox china out of the closet in the guestroom?

By what miracle did I manage to find a place for the silver chest of doom (doom, I say!) in which one could not only keep enough flat silver for any three families, but also a small child or two?

Just how many grapefruit spoons does a woman need?

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