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31 August 2004 - 10:03 AM

Life as a blues song

So, let's see.

The Viking is still unemployed. He got a nibble from an Alzheimer's care facility the other day, but they haven't called for an interview yet. Most of the current job listings in his specialty are in Virginia, and he's not particularly keen on that. Starting tomorrow he will be eligible to collect unemployment, so he will file for that. Still, he'd rather be working. Even if I made enough for him to be a house husband (which I don't), he'd prefer to be employed. He is a grumpy, grumpy man right now.

The Toyota is still in the shop. They had a backlog so they didn't even look at it until yesterday. I am hoping beyond hope that it's just the starter, which will be a comparatively cheap repair. With our luck, however, it'll be something worse. Or several somethings adding up to worse.

At least the dog hasn't run away. Yet.

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