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23 August 2004 - 3:19 PM


Regular readers will know I started a new job just about two months ago. I have been doing my very best to be polite, cooperative, flexible and otherwise a good little minion as I settle in. Trying to make a good impression on the boss people, and a' that.

But as the leopard cannot change his spots, nor the zebra his stripes, so it seems that a soul crusher cannot disguise her true nature for very long.

Just a few moments ago, I was discussing a current project with a coworker. The matter at hand was the extraction of information from an individual in a neighbouring department who has a reputation of being, shall we say, evasive. I have to get an updated analysis from this person, and asked advice on strategies for doing this effectively from my coworker, who has dealt with the evasive one before.

'Well,' said the coworker, 'in the past, getting the right thing from N. has required some ugliness, and some of us have been uncomfortable with that. But you don't seem to be the kind of person who's bothered by confrontation.'

Who, me?

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