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17 August 2004 - 10:35 AM

Roughshooting Project Update

In the absence of my beloved and during some really slow time at work, I've been working on the 'Nets, Snares, and Arrows' chapter of The Mediaeval Roughshooter's Companion. I've accumulated quite a bit on ferreting which will fit nicely in there.

Look for big revisions to the 'Into the Woods' chapter as well. I need to add definitions of warrens and purlieus (a mediaeval warren is not just a rabbit burrow) and I've got some good material now on Scottish forest law which will help balance out the heavily English slant of most of the other material.

I've also scored a copy of Gunnar Tilander's edition of La Venerie de Twiti. Now if I can just get my grubby paws on his edition of Gaston Phébus' Livre de la Chasse I'll be getting somewhere.

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