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13 July 2004 - 9:39 PM

Admit it, you wish you lived my exciting life ...

Where to start ...

I had to go downtown today for a two-day training course in regulatory drafting and process. Yes, it is every bit as fascinating as it sounds.

Going home, there was a 20-minute delay on the Orange line. My train, for some reason, spent most of its 20 minutes of delay sitting in the tunnel between Metro Center and Federal Triangle. And yes, that was every bit as lovely as it sounds, too.

My darling Viking collected me at New Carrollton and treated me to ice cream on the way home, which perked me up a bit. Then we got home and I discovered Beauty, my red fantail goldfish, had died, and Spot, my calico telescope, has full-blown dropsy, which is usually fatal.

Now, neither of these are/were young fish; I think Beauty had been with me about 6-7 years, which is a long time for a goldfish to live. The upper limit for most fancy varieties is 10 years. Spot's not much younger. But Beauty (who looked just like those goldfish in Fantasia) was fine this morning and I'm just heartsick about Spot. (Yeah, I know, she's a goldfish. But she's my goldfish). Sometimes antibiotic treatment helps dropsy, and Spot is still active and eating, so we've moved her to the hospital tank and are going to try the antibiotics. If it helps, great; if she starts failing, we'll put her down.

Enough of this. I make a double batch of allegedly-the-best-meatballs-in-the-world for supper and need to pack up the leftovers for the freezer and try to get some sleep so I can go to day two of the fascinating regulatory drafting course. Yay.

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