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12 July 2004 - 3:28 PM


In lieu of roasting at Assessment, I found other fun things to do on a weekend:

Shopping for shoes with Sis, using IMs and This is a relatively cheap form of entertainment, too, provided one doesn't actually buy shoes.

Rampaging through IKEA with my beloved, gleefully pretending that we will be able to rip out the kitchen cabinets and replace them with newer, better ones with nice birch doors sometime soon. This was in addition to dowloading the kitchen planner software from IKEA's web page and establishing a basic grid for the kitchen.

Actually we were very good at IKEA, and got out of the store for under $100, which included stopping for a plate of meatballs in the café. IKEA's meatballs are quite good, but the Viking, bless him, believes that I make the best meatballs in the world, even when I have forgotten the lingonberries. I think this is more to do with spousal loyalty than any inherent superiority of product, but I'm not arguing.

I didn't forget to buy lingonberries this time. Or cloudberry preserves, either, for that matter. Making a list before we went probably helped.

I didn't see any of the non-traditional Dala horses, though, and they're starting to disappear from the website as well. I am a little disappointed, because I really wanted one of the ones with the pierced ear and the 'Mämm' tattoo.

Actually (she says, free associating), a traditional bright red or blue Dalahäst would look good in my cubicle. It would tie in with the agriculture thing and bring in some colour. I haven't had to look at this much grey since the last winter I was in St Andrews.

I'm havering again, aren't I? Blame it on the pine shoot beetles and the loud PPD admin; it's equal odds as to which will make me crazy first.

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