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06 July 2004 - 5:50 PM

Return of the Grandparental Fu

Grandmaman failed all of the cognitive tests. Every single one.

To an extent, we ('we' meaning Maman, Sis, and I) are not surprised. Certainly the Viking was not surprised. The Avuncular One was a little surprised. Apparently, after the meeting in which the results were revealed, he expressed to Maman the thought that maybe the tests were 'too hard,' or they were expecting too much.

Maman assured him this was not the case, that the doctor had in fact been easier on Grandmaman than either of them would likely have been.

I am hoping the results will break the rectal-cranial loop from which her GP has been suffering. This is not a matter of 'poor little Julia being victimised by her evil daughter,' which seemed to be his attitude. It is a matter of Grandmaman being no longer competent. In any case, the final assessment is due in next week and it's unlikely that the facility will allow her back into assisted living.

So, we have all that to look forward to, including, may the gods help us, moving her possessions out of the assisted living apartment. Oh what joy that will be.

I suppose the bright side is that we've already gone through the stuff recently and it's not going to be as awful as it would be if we had to move her directly out of the old apartment into full nursing. Still, it will not be fun, and there's going to be yet more furniture shifting. I am going to have to rearrange my entire home again. I cannot express how thrilled I am about that.

The other good news is that we have some lead time to prepare, so I can think about how I'm going to rearrange things to absorb the additional furniture. It's going to be something like 3-D Tetris.

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