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01 July 2004 - 2:01 PM

Adapting to the Cube

I think I will have to agree that making the switch to year-round from pseudo-agrarian schedules is pretty tough -- and vaguely ironic, given my new employer. Going from commuting 5 miles to commuting 30 miles isn't exactly a picnic either. Public transit really isn't an option -- by the time I've driven to the nearest Metro station, I am practically at work. Fortunately parking is available and relatively cheap (an advantage of not being downtown).

On the other hand, having the option to go to lunch and the ladies' room on my own schedule and not having to stand 6 hours a day are good things. So I guess it balances.

I am going to have to find my portable CD player. I am just a few cubes down from one of the admin. staff in Program and Policy Development, which shares space with Regulatory Analysis and Development (my group) and she is always either on the phone or talking to another staff member. Loudly. I now know more about a particular woman's workman's comp. case and personal troubles than I ever wanted to.

OK, back to the fruit fly quarantines.

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