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22 June 2004 - 8:54 PM

Another Round of Grandparent Fu

Grandmaman strikes again.

At this moment, she's sitting in the county hospital awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. Apparently she threatened to kill herself. Again.

I say again because Grandmaman has used the 'I'm going to kill myself' ploy to garner attention more than once over the years. She used it most recently last month, causing some alarm among the staff of the assisted living facility. They held off the evaluation at that point because Maman told them about previous instances over the years (including my great-grandmother's famous 'Julia, get a grip' reply to one). The staff did warn Grandmaman, though, that if she threatened suicide again, they would have to take action.

She didn't listen, or didn't remember, or didn't care. Or all of the above.

The Viking explained the various tests they'd do in the evaluation -- lots of memory and cognitive stuff, a depression file, and so on. How she'll score on the memory and cognitive aspects is debatable (I personally am curious to know). She's likely to score high for depression.

They might prescribe antidepressants, but the problem is that she can't be forcibly medicated -- some silly damned thing to do with personal rights -- and she has, in the past, outright refused to take antidepressants. She was on Prozac for a while several years ago, and it did make a difference. Then she decided she wasn't going to take it any more. 'I don't like medications that affect how I feel,' she said.

But! shout the logical ones. But! What if they make you feel better?

In our darker moods, Sis and I think that's why she stopped taking it. It made her feel better.

At any rate, we are quite possibly looking at another long haul of fu. Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen.

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