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20 June 2004 - 8:43 AM

She lives! Sorta ...

Faust and I are almost over our colds. This is a good thing since I wasn't good for much this week beyond napping on the couch, and since the Viking isn't exactly a great housekeeper, the domicile is even more a disaster area than usual. And if there's anything crankier than a cat with a runny nose, I haven't seen it.

Yesterday we went to the Stierbach event, where I hid in the Bright Hills' pavilion and worked on knitting a blatantly out-of-period baby hat for some friends who just had a baby and was otherwise an indolent sloth-Laurel. The Viking fought in the tournament and was pleased with his performance -- he finished fifth overall -- but it was humid so after the fighting was over we slipped out and went home.

A general note to guys out there: making jokes about fertility and biological clocks to women you don't know really well is probably a bad idea. Actually, making those kinds of jokes to women you know really well is probably still a bad idea. I'm just sayin'.

Also, unless you can tell the story of the battle of Agincourt at least as well as Shakespeare, but in your own original way, then don't go telling the story of the battle of Agincourt. You are bound to suffer in comparison. Pick a battle people don't know so well. That way, even if you aren't Shakespeare, you'll at least be doing the public service of expanding the historical knowledge of your audience.

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