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24 May 2004 - 2:39 PM

Alter Ego

The Viking and I spent the weekend working on our alternate personae, Sloth and Indolence.

That's not strictly accurate, as he did mow the weeds on Saturday morning and I finally scrubbed, swept, and scraped the last of the crud (leaves, oak catkins, sunflower seed shells) off the deck and made it fit for summer habitation. I still have a few plants to stick into containers, but the heavy work is finished.

We almost went to the war practice on Sunday, but turned the wrong way on 193 and found ourselves in Largo by mistake. It would have been helpful to have compass directions for the roadways (in addition to left-right directions), especially since we were not going to drive all the way out to the Beltway and back to 450. Of course, I should have known better anyway, but I am so far from being infallible that it's not funny. It was a fairly pleasant Sunday drive, however, and the Viking got to hear some good loud cicada song; out where we are we're sort of the trailing edge, and don't really have many.

I must say that as an alternate persona, Indolence is a great deal less work than my current SCA identity. She's also more fun than my past incarnation as one of the Three Stooges of the Apocalypse in graduate school: Larry, Moe, and Pestilence. I was Pestilence.

Pestilence was work. Indolence, however, involves lounging around and drinking iced coffee. Not a bad gig on summer days.

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