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14 May 2004 - 8:26 AM


I've been having a hard time not grinning maniacally and pirouetting down the halls of OLPA the last two days. It's like being about to graduate from high school all over again.

I haven't told the Stooges yet. I'm supposed to sign a contract for next year in the next couple of weeks; I'm half tempted to walk in for the signing, toss my letter of resignation on the table, and walk out. Or would that be unprofessional? Not that they'd know professional behaviour if they saw it ...

Is the Weather Pixie entirely too frivolous, or what? Normally I don't go for frivolous fluff, but blame it on the good mood about the new job. She does look a little like me, though I'm not that slinky. Maybe ten years ago, but not anymore.

We're daytripping to Garb Wars tomorrow. If anyone else is going to be there and would like to help me judge the embroidery competition, let me know.

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