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04 May 2004 - 2:30 PM

Do not try to beat me at dog trivia. You will lose.

Ro, darling, I cannot disguise a sheep as a Puli. Pulik, in general, top out at 16"-17" at the shoulder, which is far too small for them to be mistaken for sheep. Pulik are also almost always black (the standard says grey and white are also permissible, but I have never seen a white Puli), which would be a problem since most Leicester Longwools are not. Now, I suppose you could argue for disguising a sheep as a Komondor, since Komondorok are closer to the right size (generally 25"-27" inches at the shoulder) and white. However, the Komondor's coat is more like a string mop than a fleece, and that too might be a problem. A Standard Poodle, on the other hand, is nearer the right size, and, if kept in puppy clip, has a fleecy appearance. Poodles also come in a variety of colours. In all, they're much better candidates for sheep masquerades than other breeds. Now if I could only do something about the inevitable baa-ing ...

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