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28 April 2004 - 2:44 PM

More Odds than Ends

Fergus is fitting in remarkably well. Princess Diva Kitty ignores him regally, as she does all commoners. Dog Orion is generally cautious with sharp-footed felines, but seems to enjoy the kitten's antics. Faust has been putting on a show of folding his ears and twitching his tail when Fergus approaches, but I caught them playing tag through the living and dining rooms. Really playing, too, not trying to julienne each other.

I just finished grading vocabulary quizzes so bad they made my head hurt. It was as though I'd been a bad child and had to write 'dispassionate' sixty times as punishment.

By some small miracle of timing and planning, the Viking actually got to Tuesday night fighter practice this week. I tagged along and took some knitting with the silly idea that I'd make some progress on a project. Ha. Apparently I have trouble counting to six (the repeat of the ribbing) because when I laid it down to look, the ribs staggered back and forth like drunken sailors. Bleah. I've ripped the whole thing out and will have to start again.

Only two sessions of the painting class left, and I can't imagine how I'm going to get the tempera piece done in the time available. I guess I'll have to rely on my 'wonderful painterly style' (this according to the teacher) to carry me through. 'Painterly,' for the uninitiated, means roughly 'more about big brushstrokes than fine details' -- not quite as far gone as 'impressionistic' but closer to that than 'photorealistic.'

The glair piece is framed and going into the community art show at St John's College. I'm missing the opening reception because it conflicts with the Sheep & Wool Festival. Sheep & Wool also conflicts with Crown Tourney, of course, but since the festival is 45 minutes away and involves petting sheep and fondling yarn and all that other good stuff, while Crown is much further away and would involve sitting on my derrière whilst getting there and being there and going home, and furthermore since the odds that there will be sheep to pet at Crown are pretty low, festival wins. Besides, there are two Crown Tourneys every year and only one Sheep & Wool Festival. So those of you who are going to Crown, have fun. I'll pat some Shetland sheep for you.

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