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14 April 2004 - 2:12 PM


Big interview today. I think it went well. I'm trying to remain cool and not be too excited, but the job would be six kinds of fabu. It's about 30 minutes from my house, about 10 from Sis, in the federal government (so good benefits and good pay), and I'm so qualified for it, it hurts. They said they had a few more interviews to do and would be making a decision in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

Meanstwhile, in the garden, the 'Salome' and 'Jenny' daffodils are opening, as are the pink bleeding hearts (Dicentra spectabilis). D. s. alba is coming along a bit more slowly but is showing buds, as is the Siberian bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla).

Painting class continues -- we're starting the tempera. Tonight I'll learn how to gild my panel. That should be exciting.

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