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23 March 2004 - 1:12 PM

It is the pain, it is the pain endures

As always, I am marking essays at the end of the quarter. I procrastinated with this set, and now I must pay.

This lot is unusually careless, too. Compare/contrast essays are notorious for poor organisation and a blend of the incredibly obvious with the unclear and enigmatic, and these are particularly bad. I thought about cobbling together a composite from them so that you, my readers, could share the experience, but really, there's a limit to the amount of pain I can take.

I will note that apparently several of my students think belief in Christ and belief in dragons are mutually exclusive. Too bad about St George, then.

An actual conclusion from one of these essays:

In both stories, fate and fame play a major role in the laying out of the theme. They have many similarities and differences in the ideas of these two concepts. The attitudes towards these ideas are of great interpretation, and if looked into can be very interesting.

The pain ...

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