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22 March 2004 - 10:16 AM

A Bloodbath and the Meat Grinder

The Viking and I spent the weekend at Bloodbath and War Practice. Obviously this was more about his fun than mine, but Saturday the weather was pleasant and I got some more work accomplished on the dagged hood. I have made it to the topstitching, which is probably going even more slowly than the dagging, but it's fairly mindless.

Sunday was colder and windier, so I kept my hands tucked under my cloak and didn't get as much sewing done. The Viking, however, has much more fun with melee than tournament fighting, and had several good killing sprees when working with the Fyrdman and the Mohawked Skald in a triad, so I did have that as entertainment.

Given that I didn't do all that much this weekend I'm more tired than I think I ought to be, but the last several weeks at school have been a meat grinder and the next couple are looking to be much the same. We don't get our spring break until the week after Easter, which is looking like a very long time from now.

Back to work. Third quarter grades are due on Wednesday.

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