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18 March 2004 - 9:45 AM

Misty Moisty Morning

Yesterday, the Stooges who administer OLPA decided that, as a special treat, the little darlings would be allowed to wear green accessories with their uniforms in celebration of St Patrick's Day. By the end of the day, the drifts of glitter and small tufts of maribou floating through the classroom suggested not so much festivity as a brutal leprechaun mugging.

The weather at least was suitably Irish, and the source of some complaint. I was particularly amused by the howls from the anchorpeople on one of the local news broadcasts. 'But spring's supposed to start in three days,' they wailed.

Oh please. This isn't a race, and 'spring-like weather' (by which they seemed to mean sunny days with temperatures in the 70s) isn't going to start when the gun goes off for the vernal equinox. At any rate, it's March. According to the online weather resources, the mean temperature for this area in March is 44 F, so current temperatures are normal. If we were having 75-degree weather, everyone would be howling about global warming.

For the record, according to Dame Nora's Eccentric Notions of the Seasons, spring started on 2 February (Imbolc, Candlemas, Groundhog Day, you pick). Summer will begin on 1 May (which makes calling the summer solstice 'Midsummer' so much easier). And even if we do get three inches of snow tomorrow, the daffodils and tulips will still be fine. Now go get a cardigan and think about how much nicer this is than the 95 F, 100% humidity we're going to get in July.

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