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15 March 2004 - 1:19 PM

Too Many Rants, Not Enough Time

Today, I have too many things to rant about to be able to rant effectively about any of them. There's the fact that teenagers lie, and some adults are too naive to accept that. There's the fact that OLPA Prepatory Academy is run by the Three Stooges, only less funny than the originals. There's the fact that the Three Stooges seem to be among those too naive to accept that teenagers are not always trustworthy. There's the fact that last Friday, Stooges + Naivete = Load of Elephant Dung dropped on poor Sis, who has to be one of the most diligent teachers I know and doesn't deserve Elephant Dung.

There's other stuff too, though none of it adds up to a full-blown rant. It's mostly to do with the fact that we are in the meat-grinder part of the semester, and I'm tired and my allergies are acting up and and and. Whinging, mostly.

So, in place of whinging, let me instead suggest those who are able to drive over to Homestead Gardens do so and check out the we-can't-go-to-Chelsea-so-we'll-do-it-ourselves Indoor Flower Show during the next week. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme garden is particularly nice. Standard disclaimers apply -- they aren't paying me for advertising or anything else. But the flowers are nice.

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