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09 March 2004 - 3:08 PM

Secrets of the Universe and Stuff

The new chionodoxas finally pushed above ground yesterday. The former Easter lily has shot up as well, and from the looks of it has even spread a little more from last year. No sign of Fritillaria meleagris yet, which is keeping me usefully distracted worrying about them. I planted them in a theoretically ideal place, quite promptly after receiving them, and bulbs typically make their appearance about 10 days later than usual in their first year, but nevertheless I'll fret until the shoots appear.

I doubt I'll see signs of Fritillaria persica for another month (at least), but I'm looking forward to it. I've seen photos of the plant in bloom in catalogues, but I'm curious about the reality. The one bulb cost $7, which is more than I have ever spent on a single bulb of anything, and it came wrapped tightly in tissue paper. When I unwrapped it, it looked like an onion. It looked more like an onion than the Allium moly bulbs I planted, so much like an onion that I wondered briefly if the nursery was having a joke. Or if not the nursery, then perhaps the designer of the universe.

I am sure that if I ever understand bulbs, I will have penetrated most, if not all, the mysteries of the cosmos. And then, the cosmos being what it is, I will probably have to die. I think I'll stick with being amazed by them on an annual basis.

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And now, for the stuff I missed or skimmed over in my first entry on KASF.

Elsworthy and I are pretty much in agreement on the problems with the Pentathlon judging forms -- not enough wiggle room, poorly designed 'creativity' score, and no 'judge's discretion' score. I wrote voluminous notes on the back of my forms, which I hope were given to the competitors.

Among the people I got to see was a recent graduate of Our Lady of Perpetual Aggravation, now in her second year at Rencester. She was one of the locals chosen to be an attendant for the day, so she got to stand behind Her Majesty's throne in court, and was quite wide-eyed at all the proceedings. She's studying literature, focusing on mediaeval studies, has joined the SCA and is learning costuming. She could be mini-me, except that she is a very cute little redhead with naturally curly hair, and I am not.

Rosine's little knitted bags were awesome. I may have to appropriate that idea.

Enough for now -- time for me to go home to try orchestrate things so that the Viking can get to Tuesday practice.

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