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07 March 2004 - 6:39 PM

To KASF and Back Again

The Viking and I went down to Kingdom A&S this weekend. We spent Friday night with Tully and the Lorax and went the rest of the way on Saturday morning with Tully, though the Lorax stayed at home. We missed morning court but were in plenty of time for most things, including Pentathlon judging and a chance to visit Giuliana on vigil.

Having a big room for the displays was good. Having the competitions strung off down hallways was not so good. The event staff did a good job hanging up signs to help direct people, but the spaces were small and I'm pretty sure I missed stuff. I know some of the other Pentathlon judges had trouble finding entries they were supposed to judge, too.

I saw some cool things but nothing that knocked my socks off. Maybe I'm just getting too persnickety as I get older.

Have I mentioned that I really hate the judging forms for the Pentathlon?

The Viking spent most of the day at the War College, where he had fun and felt like he learned much, though I think he was vaguely annoyed that several people called his centre-grip an 'ogre shield.' As many Viking personae as we have running around this kingdom, you'd think they'd recognise an historically appropriate shield when they saw one.

A fun day, overall, though. Neat stuff to look at, time to spend with folk I don't see that often, time to work on the dagged hood (the dags are done!), and a happy sweaty Viking still running on sufficient endorphins (even after court) to drive the whole way back to Chez Tully & Lorax.

The warm weather over the weekend brought out quite a few more crocuses; 'Firefly' is nearly finished, but 'Miss Vain' (white) is starting to be out in force and 'Blue Pearl' is joining the party. In addition to the daffodil shoots, there are some from last year's tulips as well. I tend to treat hybrid tulips as annuals, so even a few blooms in the second year feel like a bonus.

The October event is on the kingdom calendar. Another check on the list. And yes, Rosine dear, you are more than welcome to come play, and bring as many of your Viking friends as you can, too.

Thanks for the input on the tourney prize question. I have some interesting things to bat around at the next meeting.

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