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17 February 2004 - 7:05 PM

Out of the ICU

Artemis is back home, and almost has a clean bill of health. The current theory is that the pancreatitis was probably triggered by something which didn't pass through her GI tract as it should have, but today's round of bloodwork indicated that her pancreatic enzymes are back down where they're supposed to be and the vet is no longer worried about that.

WARNING: The following contains medical data which some readers may find icky. Those reading for my scintillating wit and erudition may wish to review some older entries instead.

He is still somewhat concerned about the state of her bowel. The initial fears of impactions, obstructions and torsion were unfounded but there is clearly 'stuff' (a hair mat? carpet fibres? some other odd thing she ingested?) in her gut. Various medical actions have been taken in an attempt to make the 'stuff' move or move faster. I will spare you the details. The vet was a little unwilling to send her home, but noted that she didn't seem to like using their litter box and decided to take another X-ray while we were there. That one revealed that she had in fact gotten rid of some of the contents of her gut, and the 'stuff' has moved from the small bowel to the large one. Seeing that, he let us take her home, figuring that she might be more willing to make use of her own litter box at home.

So, if the silly cat will just poop overnight, all should be well.

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