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02 February 2004 - 2:10 PM

Scyldings and Geats and Wylfings, Oh My

The event planning is going well. I have a site. I have cooks (thanks, Keilyn). I have some instructors lined up for classes. I am feeling moderately confident that I can pull off this little shindig with some small quantity of style.

Sewing away. The dags are halfway finished. I took a bit of time out from them over the weekend to work on seams for the Viking's new Rus coat. He cut it out and will do the fur trimming, but he's not the best at basic seams, so I am doing those.

The coat is olive green wool melton -- it reminds me of nothing so much as an old Army blanket. We picked out some lovely pettable faux sable for trimming at G Street last fall, before we bought the fabric, and when the Viking laid the fur next to the fabric, he grinned.

'Ranger Rus,' he said.

After the hood and the coat, I have to stop and decide what to tackle next. Do I make the new court set for the Viking, or try to finish my Laurel cloak (it is at an awkward phase and I don't like it very much right now), or do I start on some of the winter garb I want for myself? Or, should I stop with the clothes and make some of the curtains my house so desperately needs? So many choices.

Curtains are easy. But curtains are boring, which is probably why I have gone so long without actually making them. On the other hand, after the oak leaf dagging on the hood, I might want something easy.

I was thinking, in honour of the battle with the fyrdraca at the end of Beowulf, of incorporating dragons into the theme for the A&S display, but this was not what I had in mind.

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