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13 January 2004 - 2:46 PM

End of Tether

Today, I finally threw that problem child freshcreature out of class.

I have thrown kids out of class before, so it's not as though pitching this child is a milestone of some sort, but it's definitely a last-resort option, and not one I usually take. Today, it was necessary.

Being in the classroom immediately next to the main office is not always an advantage, but today it was helpful, since I could march the little darling to the Discipline Honcho personally and explain the problem. Said darling has a problem with needing to be centre of attention all the time, and, as I explained to the Honcho, it seemed potentially helpful to fulfill that need and allow the darling to be the centre of his attention for a while. The Honcho agreed.

Just another beautiful day at Our Lady of Perpetual Aggravation Preparatory Academy.

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