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11 January 2004 - 11:14 AM

Finishing Things to Start Again

This is the time to remind ourselves that we have our most beautiful skies in winter . . . Of course, only steady, wholesome folk (which includes gardeners) are awake to see it.

Henry Mitchell, 'Names from the Gardener's Guest Book,' One Man's Garden

I was not among the steady and wholesome folk of the world this morning. Yesterday morning, however, I was awake to watch the western sky slowly lighten through my bedroom window, gradually turning a soft slate blue with pale peach cirrus and the just-starting-to-wane moon hanging overall. At sunset last night, the horizon was a dusty duck's egg blue. Above that, the clouds were lavender, slowly graduating into rose, salmon, and finally pale gold.

I had the chance on Friday and Saturday to spend time with the Bright Hills folks, and drop some bugs into ears about the plans for the October event. I need to get on the stick and get the proposal formalised so the officers can vote on it and I can get it on the kingdom calendar, but I should have some time this week to do the necessary arrangements. I have someone interested in possibly taking on the feast, and some others already thinking about hall decorations and other such matters. There seems to be some considerable interest and even excitement about the the theme, which is gratifying.

Big progress has been made on the hood; I might actually finish it this weekend. Smaller but not insignificant progress has been made on the grading as well. The problem is that my tolerance for handsewing is greater than my tolerance for poorly structured essays. The Viking however likes to help, and he will read the papers for spelling and mechanical errors, which speeds my work up considerably, since I can then focus on the illogical arguments and absense of evidence.

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