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05 January 2004 - 1:27 PM

A Toad for Breakfast

Monday. First day back from Christmas vacation. Freshmen first period. Planning period last period, which meant, thanks to our beautiful block schedule, that I didn't get to sit down until then.

This is the equivalent of eating a toad for breakfast. An unusually big, stringy toad to be sure, but the odds are good that nothing worse will happen to me this week.

Seven more class days left until the end of the semester. Here is the real beauty of the block schedule: whatever hole I have dug for myself in first semester gets filled in and things start fresh for the second.

Of course, Christmas break turned into a mad rush to catch up on projects that didn't get done during autumn. In a spectacular act of late season gardening I planted the last 2 dozen tulips and top-dressed the roses with manure three days before Christmas. I hung at least four pictures which had been leaning up against the wall for weeks or months. The really big news, though, is that the Chair of Frivolity is reupholstered.

Deep in one of Grandmaman's Closets of Holding we found three and a half yards of a sort of Victorianoid rose trellis tapestry, which we think we remember being on an armchair which now belongs to Sis two or three reupholsterings ago. It is not precisely what I would have chosen for myself, but it's more attractive than the red-gold-black nightmare which was on my chair to start with, and it's hard to argue with free upholstery fabric. We're not sure why Grandmaman had three and a half yards of extra fabric squirreled away, but it was enough not only to reupholster the chair but also an ottoman of moderate size. Not that I own such an ottoman now, but perhaps one day.

I think that I took some 'before' pictures of the chair when I first bought it. I will try to take some 'after' pictures as well. It looks like a different piece of furniture.

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