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06 December 2003 - 11:44 AM

Snow Day

Houston, we have snow.

About 4-5 inches of it, in fact. Orion is so happy. When the Viking went to clear the walk and driveway with our new (tiny) snowthrower, the dog went with him and spent 20 minutes in full-out frolic. He bounced. He chased snowflakes. He flung himself down and made doggie snow angels. Of course, he also got wet and got little snowballs between his toes and then wanted to come in and sit on the couch.

I like snow too, though I don't frolic on the scale the dog does. Snow is a good excuse to stay home and work on projects, or nap, without guilt. Snow means that the roads are slippery and dangerous, and while there might be errands to run, it's just better to stay home and be safe.

I'll also be the first to point out that my garden never looks so good as it does under a good coating of the stuff.

Today, I will be roasting the turkey I bought during a pre-holiday special at the supermarket (having thawed the thing and brined it yesterday). If I'd been thinking, I'd have picked up some lingonberry jam at IKEA the last time I was there. I am going to take an hour this afternoon and spend it at my loom. At 4, the football game will start, and the Viking and I will be hoping that the Black Knights will finally win a game this season.

Go Army!

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