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03 November 2003 - 2:58 PM

Tired. Just Tired.

There are people out there in the world with the idea that weekends are supposed to be restful. I would love to know where they got this notion.

It's not that the weekend was bad. It's that I am more tired now than I was on Friday.

It's quite possible this is my own fault for being such a demmed workaholic. (Thanks, Daddy).

The faculty meeting was not too awful, except for being chewed out by the admissions director for my inflexibility. I had objected, you see, to 'shadows' (prospective students observing a day at the school) appearing in my classes without notice; one day last week I had three shadows arrive with the full complement of freshmen and therefore didn't have enough seats for the visitors and was supposed somehow, miraculously, to find chairs for them and start class and take attendance and prevent chaos theory from becoming chaos practice, and make all these little visitors want to attend our fine school. Somehow I do not see how chaos and having no place to sit will encourage shadows to apply, but clearly I am asking far too much in expecting Admissions Boy to drop the teachers an email and give them a head's-up. Feh.

I had my grades successfully exported by 11:30 Friday morning and spent the rest of the day in high gear preparing for festive activities, with only one short meltdown and not too much cussing. The evening festivity was successful, I think, or at least no one has called me to tell me they had hideous food poisoning the next day. So that seems to have been all right. I did have the Fyrdman asleep on the floor and then mildly hung over on the couch for much of Saturday, but he's young and seems to enjoy that kind of thing.

I spent Saturday afternoon planting most of the accumulated bulbs. Having the auger makes this go much faster, but it still takes a long time to get eight-and-a-half dozen bulbs into the ground. I stopped about 5 when it was getting too dark to see well, because I didn't want to do stupid things like put the auger through my foot. The only things left are the 10 'Queen of the Night' tulips, the dozen lady tulips, and 6 'Pink Impressions' Darwin hybrid tulips which came as a 'gift' from HCG for having bought ridiculous quantities of bulbs before the end of October. I have an idea where I want to put the lady tulips, but the other 16 are posing a problem.

I harvested a whole whopping six stamens' worth of saffron. I don't think this is the beginning of a fabulous new career as a spice merchant, but it's still pretty cool.

Yesterday we put in an afternoon with Sis working on the composter, which is (cue choir) finally finished. Alleluia.

It doesn't sound like so much when I write it all down. Of course there were all the stupid little household chores that had to be done (e.g. laundry) but the Viking helps with some of those. Still, I'm tired, and this is going to be a bad week. Report cards tomorrow, angry parents Wednesday night, no two-hour delay Thursday (a bone thrown to us in the past by the administration, but not this year), and I will have to work Sunday because it is our annual open house. I'm also supposed to plan an impressive lesson for one day so that the Academic Honcho can come and formally observe my teaching for purposes of professional assessment. Yay! I didn't have enough professional stress this week.

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