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22 October 2003 - 2:59 PM

Dominate This

I've been watching the banners flit by here on d-land and have been much amused by the number which hint (loudly or softly) at various aspects of the bdsm world, and at the generally weak and whiny nature of the diaries which they advertise. You want domination? You want pain? Kneel, dogs! I can lay such hurt on you that you will learn the true meaning of those words.

Here is suffering: taking a class of 27 freshmen to Mass with approximately 225 other 14- and 15-year-olds. Ye gods and little fishes! the chatting, giggling, elbowing of neighbours, chewing of gum, rolling of eyes, kicking of pews and dropping of kneelers were incessant. Fortunately, Father Andy was saying Mass today, rather than Father Dennis, and Father Andy at least understands that teenagers are difficult and diffident, even at the best of times. Dennis would have chewed out the teachers for not making the students behave better. Fine, genius, you take this lot on, outnumbered 30 to 1, and see how you do.

The Deacon, however, gave his 'I'm very disappointed in you' speech to the assembled adolescents at the end of Mass. There is much about the Deacon that reminds me of my father, and his disappointed speech sounds much like Daddy's did. I hope the lecture made an impression on the little twerps. I'm also hoping for Ritalin in an aerosol can.

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