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01 October 2003 - 10:37 AM

Things Good and Bad

I cannot believe it is only the first of October. The Nora Exhaustion Scale (NES) doesn't usually reach the hit-snooze-4-times level until Christmas break.

The best explanation is that September was a rough month. Grandpapa and the family fu (some of which is ongoing), nearly $1000 worth of repairs to the Viking's car straining the already tight budget, and last week we lost two (two!) good family friends. Bad times, all around.

Bad dreams at night, too. Not the stress-induced nightmares I had after Daddy died, with mantis-headed creatures chasing me across vast deserts, but certainly linked to everything that went wrong in September.

We tried to get a start on the composter for Sis yesterday -- two accidents on westbound US 50 outside town slowed us up, so the framing is not as far along as the Viking would have liked. But we took Orion, and he got to play chase for 2 hours with cousin Simon (Sis' dog), so that was a good thing.

One of the docs at the practice where the Viking works is going to be away, so the primary doc the Viking works for will be taking up the slack. Good: the Viking will be working longer hours and thus get a larger paycheque. Bad: the Viking will be working longer hours, will be tired and cranky, and may not be able to get to fighter practices, which will not help with the tired-and-cranky problem.

I made this for dinner on Monday, and while the sauce does take a bit of work, the results were worth it. The leftovers drew salivating onlookers in the faculty lunchroom and the staff lunchroom at the Viking's office.

Must finish grading things. Interim reports are due tomorrow.

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