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24 September 2003 - 2:44 PM

Bring on the Dancing Horses

The freshmen may be the death of me.

It is not that they are bad kids. Quite the contrary. It's that they're so high energy, all the time, and so high maintenance. I can assign my upperclasscreatures to work on assignments in small groups, and catch a few minutes off my feet. Sometimes the seniors are tired, too, and will be quiet. Not the freshmen. So much energy, and all of them feeding off each other. I feel less like a classroom teacher than the ringmaster of a large, untidy circus. Somewhere between the dancing horses and the trained lions, I have to get a comprehensive review of grammar, some literature, and just maybe some composition to them. And avoid being trampled by the elephants.

Columbus Day weekend is the next scheduled light in the tunnel. I can make it until then. I think.

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