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23 August 2003 - 9:07 AM

No Surprise Here

This should come as a surprise to no one:

You Are Late Period!
You Are Late Period Western European Nobility.
Nothing excites you more than looking sharp,
even if it breaks your bank or causes you heat
stroke in the middle of summer. Be sure to
drink lots and lots of water, because it can
get rather warm under 8 layers of velvet and

What Is Your SCA Clothing Style?
brought to you by Quizilla

Although, just to prove what a clotheshorse I really am, I will note that the corsets question was biased against people who aren't doing 16th C. Stays aren't appropriate under 15th C Burgundian snob wear! (Displaying my 16th-C ignorance, too -- stays is the 18th C term. In the 16th C the garment was called what? a pair of bodies or something like that?). At any rate, I won't wear corsetry by any name just to look good because it will look bad under my court clothes. So there.

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