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08 August 2003 - 1:11 PM

Are Vacations Supposed to Be This Much Work?

Still sewing. Still packing. The goal is to have all the staging done so that when the Viking gets home from work, he can deal with the waggonloading and then we can catch a nap before taking off.

The dog is delivered to Maman's house. I need to clean and refill the cats' water fountain and clean the litterbox. Also should clean the small fishtank in my sewing room.

I need to finish marking hems on my new Burgundian gown and a 'comfort wear' tunic also for myself; the Viking's tunics are all marked if not sewn. I can always do hems during the heat of the afternoon when it is best to sit in the shade. Need to finish one last pair of britches for himself, too.

Laundry. Always laundry. Must make sure there are enough clean dry socks to pack. And underwear. Linens are already dealt with.

Note to self: don't wait until the week before Pennsic to reorganise the kitchen box. Shouldn't have waited until the week before to actually BUY the new box, either, but there you are. Word to the wise but non-woodworking: APA Boxes from IKEA make great more-period-than-a-plastic-storage-box containment units for SCA use. Get the allen wrench drill bits and it takes less than 15 minutes to assemble, even for the mechanically challenged like me. Paint it, add some rope handles, and you're good to go. If the link doesn't take you straight to the product (it should) go to the IKEA website and look in the "children's small storage" section of the catalogue.

Must get back to beating the house elves.

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