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31 July 2003 - 8:14 AM


Buttercup's odometer turned over that sixth digit the other day. 100,000 miles on the best truck ever. I talked a couple months back to someone whose wife once owned an identical vehicle (1988 Cherokee, built before Chrysler [ack-ptui!] bought out AMC), and according to him, it was still going strong when she traded it in with 270,000 miles on the engine. Long live the Jeep!

Duke Gyrth and Duchess Melisande are celebrating the Silver Anniversary of Clan Oldcastle with great festivity at Pennsic. The first day of said festivity coincides with the rather-more-than silver anniversary of my birth, not that anyone, save possibly the Viking and me, will care much.

To be truthful I've never made a big deal out of my birthday -- it's nice to be noticed and all (excuse me while I go Eeyore for a moment) but for whatever reason, birthdays have never been a big thing for me. I'm also just glad I will be at Pennsic for my birthday, rather than driving to Pennsic on my birthday, which has happened in the past. Big deal about birthdays or not, spending the day on the interstates is just not fun.

It will also be the Viking's third Pennsic with me, and our second as a married couple. He's didn't count off the month last month; he may have stopped doing that since we reached the one-year mark in June, but the 14-month mark is also going to fall during Pennsic. Small milestones, but nice ones.

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