she who keeps this diary

2003-07-25 - 3:08 p.m.


Having scraped cherry pulp off my walls and floors, I sought diversion in the Internet Anagram Server which is an entertaining and cheap way to waste entirely too much time. Some of the better anagrams derived from my SCA name include:

Lo, Roman Urania!
(appeals to my classical education)

Armourial Anon
(an SCA nom de plume?)

O! An Amoral Ruin!
(well, that hardly seems fair. I think I'm moral, and I'm not quite old enough to be a ruin. yet.)

Lana! A rumor ion!
(something about ionised rumours just amuses me, but who's Lana?)

O! An alarm, Orion!
(not that my dog would be much good should an alarm go off)

Run, a lion aroma!

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