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2003-07-22 - 4:40 p.m.

Return to Telephonic Normalcy (ha)

We had a good weekend. Friends came to visit. We did fun things which did not involve standing out in the heat wearing multiple layers of long-sleeved clothing. We went to a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean, highly recommended) and laughed mightily. We didn't get to the red popsicles, but perhaps another time.

The phone foo is settled, at last. The Thursday service call last week came to naught because the tech "couldn't find the problem," (well, I did say it was intermittent) and of course it didn't happen while he was here. He left his pager number and departed. Of course the problem recurred almost immediately after, and both the individual tech and Verizon as a corporate entity became unreachable by most accepted methods of communication. (I did not try smoke signals, but perhaps I should have). Finally Maman, blessings upon her, managed to get an email through on my behalf. A new service call was scheduled for Monday, in the brilliantly specific "sometime between 8 am and 6 pm" window. I spent all day yesterday waiting, waiting, waiting for a tech to arrive. None ever did.

I was ready to make some brisk, angry phone calls to Verizon's repair centre, customer service centre, and anyone else who would listen this morning when lo and behold, two brawny young men in a Verizon truck arrived at my house. I explained the problem, and within 20 minutes they had isolated the problem cable (it was one which went from the NID to the main switching mechanism which goes to all the jacks), replaced it, double-checked each other's work and departed gracefully. So simple, really. And now I have phone service inside my house again. Whee!

Back to work. The Viking still needs tunics.

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