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2003-07-11 - 6:08 p.m.

Orion's Bone

Two entries in one day, but my dog is so darned cute. People who feel underappreciated need dogs, or at least need to be able to borrow dogs from time to time.

We were (almost) out of cat food. I had used the last of the cat litter to clean the box earlier this week. The stock of Faust's favourite squishy fishy treats was running low. Clearly action needed to be taken, and promptly, or I would have three very cranky kitties. I went to the pet supply megamart. I loaded up with cat supplies, and I headed for the checkout.

Halfway to the till, there was a display of various dog chewies. Dog Orion has plenty of chewies, and it isn't as though I am feeding the cats and starving the dog. Still, there I was, with all the cat stuff, and nothing for the dog. A giant smoked knucklebone isn't that expensive. Add one more purchase to the pile, and off we go.

When I got home, Orion smelled the bone well before I got it out of the bag, of course, but hung back politely until I got it unwrapped and presented it to him. He accepted it with a certain solemnity and carried it downstairs to my sewing room, where he set it in the centre of the floor and regarded it for a few seconds. I left him to it while I finished unloading the truck. When I came back, he was crunching off the cartilage with evident delight.

"Well," I said, "is it a good bone?"

He looked up, licked his lips, thumped his tail twice on the floor, and went back to chewing. As a reaction, it doesn't sound like much, but there really is no way to describe the quantity of pure gratitude which was conveyed. He could have (hypothetically) stood up and shouted, "you are the best dog mom ever!" and it still would not have said as much as the lick and the wag. So much happiness over something so small. That's why, much as I love my cats, I always need to have a dog.

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